Claiming Her Cowboy Kiss by Emmy Eugene

New Release!

He’s tried and failed in country music – and women – before. She wasn’t supposed to be at the ranch that summer. When Maddy shows up unexpectedly, will she and Kyle have their second chance romance? Or will the call of the stage lure him away?

Kyle Stewart toured with a popular band for a year, but he couldn’t get a record label to pick up his music. He’s been back at his family’s ranch, using his country music contacts to arrange summer concerts for the tourists who come through the Texas Longhorn Ranch for a unique western experience.

Lately, he’s had some interest in his music again, which has really helped soothe his ego after his girlfriend of a handful of months says she can’t come to the ranch for the summer.

So when Madeleine Cruise, who loves surprises, shows up at the ranch, Kyle’s definitely surprised…and embarrassed as he’s caught flirting with a country music executive.

One look at Maddy, though, and Kyle’s priorities shift instantly.

She teaches kindergarten an hour from the ranch, and neither of them knows what this summer holds for them. What will happen when she has to go back to her job? Will Kyle even be on the ranch this summer, or will his country music career take him from Maddy right when their second chance is beginning?