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More than a Governess by Rose Pearson

Unexpectedly a governess to a girl who can’t speak…can she find a way forward? Informed by her brother that she is now a governess so that she will not have to trouble him any longer, Miss Judith Newfield is left entirely alone, lost in a new role where she has no experience and very little confidence. The little girl she is to care for is frightened and almost completely silent, looking up at her with fearful eyes. With demands coming from the marquess that she make the child speak, Judith is forced to be bold despite her own fears. Will her courage and outspokenness force the marquess to reconsider his behavior? Or will he decide to end her employment and throw her back into the control of her brother? David, the Marquess of Turton, is struggling with the expectations his betrothed is placing upon him. Becoming a little afraid that he might have been a little too hasty in his engagement, he is additionally frustrated at the addition of his daughter returning to his house – especially when she will not speak to him! Aggravated, he demands great things of his new governess, never expecting her to respond with harsh words of her own! Seeing the change in his daughter but disliking the governess’ ways, David fights against the urge to remove her from her position. When a secret revealed threatens to pull him apart, it is up to Judith to find a way forward – and for David to decide just how much he too might need the governess.

Finding Her Way by Leah Banicki

Spring 1848 Marrying a stranger is a bad idea… Corinne had done it, but she wasn’t thrilled. How could she travel from Boston to Oregon territory… in a wagon… with a grumpy stranger? She needed his protection, but could she stand his company long enough to survive the long journey ahead of her? Corinne had taken his name, but after his cold attitude, she wasn’t certain Andrew could ever win her heart. She could earn the friendship, and loyalty from those around her on the Oregon Trail, but could she ever earn her husband’s respect? She will have to lean on her faith and friendships to survive. This story begins the pioneer adventure… The Wildflower series. Join with Corinne on the Oregon Trail as her new life unfolds…

The Pop Singer Rescue by Jenna Brandt

A former DEA agent trying to stop a drug ring, a pop singer’s tour in jeopardy, and the investigation that throws them together. Ray Carlson is pulled out of his position as an instructor at the Disaster City Search and Rescue Academy and sent to help a obnoxious pop star. He isn’t happy that he has to clean up a botched case, and even less so, when he meets the diva whose tour is at the center of it. What’s worse, he’s attracted to her against his own will. Mia Savage has an image to protect, and the narcotic investigator that shows up on her tour threatens everything she’s built. If word gets out that her tour is the epicenter for drugs, she’ll lose her venues, not to mention sponsors. It’s why her manager put pressure to find and stop the source quickly, since she has a world-wide televised open-air desert performance coming up in one week. Will Ray see Mia’s heart of gold hidden beneath all the glitz and glamour? Will Mia realize that Ray might be the dose of reality she needs? And what will happen when Mia’s life is at risk?