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Soldier Under the Mistletoe by Lacy Williams

He’s trained to kill. She’s got a healer’s heart. There’s a thousand reasons they would never work… but she has one night to change his mind. One night. Make it count. Mallory Trudeau can manage a five hundred acre ranch. She just can’t seem to break out of the Friend Zone with Sam “Maverick” Dunlop. She knows he thinks of her as Cash’s little sister, but that’s going to change tonight. It’s just one night. Evade and retreat. The fancy-schmancy Christmas Ball is one in a long string of reminders that Maverick doesn’t belong in Mallory’s world. He’s got thirty-six hours to report back to his military base. He can make it that long without giving in to the forbidden attraction he feels for Mallory. He just wasn’t counting on the mistletoe…

Something of A Spark by Monique McDonell

Sometimes a little white lie can upend your whole life. Growing up as one of the Jewel Sisters of Caudal Bay was never easy for Sapphire (Saffy) Smith, so she got out of town as soon as possible. When an accident in her hometown brings real-life hero and firefighter Campbell into her life, their relationship starts with a smolder and slowly it begins to spark. As their relationship heats up, one thing is clear – Cam is all about honesty and Saffy’s keeping a very big secret about who she really is. Will Saffy come clean before lies ruin her relationship not just with Campbell, but with her entire family?

The Last Chance by Saffiyah Ali

Will their secrets last longer than the marriage? Saafir and Sameerah have a secret. They’re married! But they haven’t told anyone. Sameerah’s a widow who never thought she would find love again. Especially not with a man eight years her junior. But Saafir is no one’s dirty little secret. And their love is nothing to be embarrassed about. If she wants to stay married she needs to get over it. He needs to know… did she marry him for love or lust? Their marriage means more than that, right? Find out in this short, sweet and swoony Muslim romance novel.