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A battle-scarred duke. A substitute bride. A dangerous secret that brings them together.

The Honorable Roberta Talbot is tired of being the practical one in her family. As the impoverished daughter of a reckless baron, she has spent years supporting her mother and siblings. When a chance-meeting brings an opportunity for adventure her way, Birdie grabs hold and takes it… all the way to a haunted castle in Scotland and into the domain of its beastly lord.

A tormented past…
Captain Gabriel Eversleigh never expected to become the Duke of Dunross. Racked by survivor’s guilt after the Battle of Waterloo, Gabriel wishes for nothing more than to be left in alone in his tower. Bound by honor to fulfill his promise to wed a girl he has never met, Gabriel plans to be a husband in name only.

But the bold young woman who arrives as his bride is irksomely determined to upend both his life and his castle. Worst of all, she pulls on the strings of a heart he thought was long since dead.

A committed wife…
Determined to turn her sham of a marriage into the real thing, Birdie not only confronts the ghosts of Gabriel’s past but stirs up a dangerous secret hidden deep within the castle walls.

When Gabriel discovers he’s married the wrong bride, will their love be able to flourish, or will his softening heart harden once more?

Come Along for an Unforgettable Journey of Romance and Adventure.
Inside the California Gold Rush of 1849, the toughest man in town, Truitt, is ready to face the truth. Putting his fighting career aside, he needs to get out of Hangtown. The unruly mining town named after the night his father was unjustly hung.

But mudslides and Truitt Emerson do not mix.
Now he’s stranded with two young ladies from back east. His boss’s fiancée is difficult, but her gorgeous copper-haired ladies maid has him watching her every move. Why does she clutch that silly case?

When Cassidy O’Ryan was pulled from her Irish Grandparent’s home, her beloved violin became her prized possession. To avoid her father’s matchmaking, she promises to travel to the gold rush town of Hangtown to wed her cousin she’s only met as a child. What she didn’t promise was that she wouldn’t trade places with her ladies maid and pursue her love of singing and violin in the new state of California. The young women had months to plan the switch. It shouldn’t be a problem until her cousin sends Truitt Emerson to pick them up and escort them to Hangtown. Burly and unflinching, Truitt is not only the town boxer, but he’s also her cousin’s bodyguard.
The sudden desire to trust in this handsome stranger is unusual.

Until Truitt burns her beloved violin.

Cassidy now has her own fight to find her truth, her freedom in this rugged mining town.

Neither Truitt nor Cassidy are prepared for the compelling attraction that’s desperate for an honest future.
Can the truth prevail or is it too late?

She needs this year to be different…But there’s one resolution she didn’t plan on making.

When the clock strikes midnight at her beachside cottage on New Year’s Eve, Eve Larson plans a fresh start following a year of heartbreaking disappointments. But when an enemy from her past tracks her down, will he stand in the way of rebuilding her dreams? Add in a treasured royal heirloom, New Year’s resolutions, and sweet kisses on moonlit beaches, and you have the start of one unforgettable year.

If you love quick, sweet escape romance stories filled with hope, heart, and happily-ever-after that will make you swoon and leave you with a smile, you will want to celebrate the holidays in Port Provident.

Aloha! Welcome to the Maui Island Series where the dramas of everyday life keep the Briscoe family and their friends laughing, crying and falling in love.

Set against the lush backdrop of a tropical island, Under the Maui Sky captures the emotionally charged, complex dynamics that come with being part of a family. Readers will laugh and shed a few tears as Ava Briscoe and her children discover what it means to be loved, supported and accepted by the people who mean the most…even in the face of deep betrayal.

Ava Briscoe wants nothing more than for her children and the family’s pineapple business to flourish. When a dark secret comes to light, more than her steadfast resilience is tested.

Christel is picking up the pieces after a painful divorce. She’s found solace in the family business. But a bitter discovery soon shakes the once-steady foundation under her feet.

Katie is a wife and mother with a full plate. She yearns for purpose but her efforts to make her dreams come true falter when she learns nothing is at it seems.

Aiden makes his living rescuing people on the island of Maui. When facing life’s changes, can he rescue his own family when it matters most?

Shane believes life is a party, but sometimes life hands out more than a good time—fun crashes to an end and growing up is no longer an option.

Come along on the journey . . . with all the messy wonder, humor, pain and ultimate hope of this heartwarming family as they grapple with an uncertain future and learn they can face anything, as long as they do it together.

Love happens when you least expect it.

Welcome to Cooper Springs, a small mountain resort town where perfectly unexpected romance is sure to warm your heart.

Andi McIntyre needs a couple of weeks away from her high stress life in Seattle to figure things out after one of the lowest years of her life. Uncle George’s family cabin at Cooper Springs Resort in Oregon seems like the perfect place. The last thing she expected was to rekindle her friendship with a childhood friend working at the resort.

Everything Ben Brown felt for Andi in high school come rushing back the moment he delivers dinner to the McIntyre private cabin. Yet just like before, he struggles with the feeling of inadequacy. And how can he, a chef in training at the resort restaurant, compete with the investment firm executive?