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With Christmas only three days away, Carol Claus agrees to her father’s request that she leave the North Pole on a mission to help save Christmas. Joining single father Ben Hanson and his children for the holidays seems an easy enough task until Santa informs her that Ben is the man behind the disturbing new book ‘Beyond Bah Humbug: Why Lying to Your Children about Santa Claus is a Bad Idea’.

Posing as Miss Kane, the children’s new nanny, Carol pulls out all the stops to show Ben how fun Christmas can be, all the while struggling to understand how one man could hate the holidays so much. How could she, Santa’s only daughter, be so attracted to a man who refuses to believe her father exists?

Lucy Locket, the long lost granddaughter of a duchess, has never been a part of Society. One day, she was living a secluded life as the prisoner of a criminal, and the next day she was an heiress in a world she did not even remotely understand. She does not embody the typical qualities of a well-born lady…at all. She can’t curtsy, she doesn’t hide her emotions, she’s too clever by far. But in three months, she must marry a suitor with a royally-bestowed title, or she forfeits a fortune—leaving her and the duchess in dire straits.

All Henry Beaumont wants is to prove himself to Society and step outside of his half-brother’s shadow. So when the duchess asks him for a personal favor involving her newly found granddaughter—with a hefty thank you reward at the end—he leaps at the opportunity.

It seems as if Lucy is trading one prison for another. Henry has now become a permanent fixture as her charming yet iron-fisted taskmaster and tutor in the ways of High Society. Like oil and water, Lucy and Henry spar in an epic battle of wills—and even rapiers. But Lucy’s past and her surprising, undeniable feelings for Henry may doom their undertaking if he declares his love for her…because without a title, he can never be hers.

An injured war veteran and a reluctant debutante work together to find out who wants to kill her!

Frederick, the Marquess of Stratham, is determined that his war injury will not prevent him from doing all he can to prevent an invasion from the French. What he does not expect is for his endeavors to throw a young lady directly into his path! When a Lady Georgina is pulled from her carriage by an unknown assailant, Frederick has no choice but to promise to protect her.

Lady Georgina has never had so much enjoyment during the London season! Bored with her mother’s ongoing expectations for her and quite determined to do as she pleases, she refuses to step quietly back from the incident. Dogged in her determination, she pursues the Marquess with the intention of discovering the truth, only to find herself tied in the most inextricable mystery….as well as a growing affection for the Marquess himself.

Can you keep a secret?

When art instructor Hannah Alexander agrees to accompany four of her students on a country house visit before Easter, she never dreams of entering into a dalliance with the owner David Tenant, the handsome new Earl of Brentfield. But one moment in his company, and she’s in danger of losing her heart.

Raised in America, David has a hard time finding his footing as the new lord of the manor. As earl, he’s not supposed to notice the lovely art teacher, but Hannah’s knowledge might hold the key to uncovering who’s been stealing the priceless art of the Brentfield estate. So, aided by Hannah’s protégé, Lady Emily Southwell, the two set out on a treasure hunt that will bring them closer to each other, and to a killer.

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