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An Earl distracted by his work…will he wake up in time to find the love of his life right in front of him?

Miss Ann Whyte has been sent to London under the care of one Earl of Ware, doing so to honor a promise to her brother. Attempting to make the best of the situation, she is deeply affronted when the Earl ignores her entirely and thrusts her into the care of his mother. Ann determines to throw herself into society and hopes to quickly find a suitor, thinking that no gentleman could be worse than her host!

Geoffrey, the Earl of Ware, cannot help but be attracted to Miss Whyte but resolves not to be distracted by her. Hearing that French spies may already be in London and having been forced to return home from the war himself, Geoffrey is determined to protect his country. However, when other gentlemen begin to pursue Miss Whyte, Geoffrey struggles with his feelings. When Miss Whyte finds herself unknowingly in danger, Geoffrey knows he must protect her.

Will he dare to confess his love? And can Ann ever come to care for him in return?

A pretty neighbor ~ a lifelong friend ~ a love forged in secret. It is a truth universally acknowledged that love can be found in new and exciting places or extremely close to home, and the heroes and heroines of this three-book omnibus are about to that truth for themselves.

His Beautiful Bea: When Graeme confirms his suspicions about whom his pretty neighbour, Beatrice, loves, he takes it upon himself to be her champion and help her find happiness. However, along the way, he discovers that should he succeed in his mission, he will be condemning himself to a life of regret without her.

His Darling Friend: While Roger is not ready to give up his bachelor ways just yet, he’s not opposed to helping others find their way to marital bliss — especially, if that someone is a marriage-minded miss who seems to be fond of him. Therefore, when Roger enlists his lifelong friend Victoria’s help in his matchmaking scheme, he only means to keep himself safe from being caught in the parson’s trap. However, matchmaking schemes do not always go as planned.

Her Secret Beau: Have a season. Meet some handsome gentlemen. Be courted by at least one, fall in love, and live happily ever after. That’s all Grace wants. However, when a lady has a sister like Grace does, getting what she wants is going to take a bit of subterfuge. But even the most cautious planning may not be enough, and a love forged in secret may only ever be a bittersweet memory of what could have been.

He’s a billionaire hiding a devastating diagnosis. She’ll do whatever it takes to help her sick, matchmaking mom. A freak accident throws them together, but will his big secret tear them apart?

When Ryan Lawson’s business partners force him to go on a wilderness retreat to come to terms with a shocking diagnosis, the last thing on Ryan’s mind is romance. But when he’s stranded in the woods with a sweet young event planner, all thoughts of business take a back seat to her girl-next-door appeal.

Fresh off a bad breakup, Zara Georgopoulos comes to Vermont to help her terminally ill mom work through her bucket list—not fall in love with a man who’s the exact opposite of her usual type. But when Ryan starts working his way into her heart with his kindness and generosity, she needs to make a decision: Trust the biotech billionaire not to walk all over her, or go back to guarding her heart.

Stuck in the wilds of Vermont, they forge a tenuous connection. When Ryan finally shares the truth about his illness, will it bring them closer together . . . or shatter Zara’s trust in him for good?

He might not want to dance with her, but Darcy’s about to meet his match. 

Some people adapt easily to new surroundings and find delight in meeting new people. Fitzwilliam Darcy is not one of them. Being put on display in a room full of strangers is enough to make him quite disagreeable. Therefore, when he attends the Meryton Assembly and his patience is pushed beyond what he can tolerate, Darcy replies harshly to his gregarious friend’s insistence that he asks Miss Elizabeth Bennet to dance.

Unfortunately for her, Elizabeth is within hearing distance of Darcy’s refusal. Insulted and more than a little vexed, she is determined to have as little to do with him as she can and to push him towards his amiable friend’s sister when being in one another’s presence cannot be avoided.

When Elizabeth calls Darcy out for his offensive words and intimates that he is ungentlemanly, he is more intrigued than provoked. He is also determined to prove the lady wrong and sets a course to do just that.

While Darcy seeks opportunities to prove to Elizabeth that he is indeed a gentleman, Elizabeth attempts to be rid of him until his company becomes more desirable than that of a long-time friend and hopeful, though very unwanted, suitor.

Jealousy is never pretty, and a spurned suitor is not always kind or wise. When secrets are revealed and explanations are wanting, it looks as if the burgeoning love between Elizabeth and Darcy is destined to be snuffed out almost before it has begun.

Unless, of course, a meddling matchmaker can pull off a well-timed miracle.

He’s all work, and she’s been burned…yet sparks fly with his hometown return. These opposites may attract but will they risk it all for love?

She’s eager for a fresh start… Krissa Courtland is so done with bad luck. Bye-bye cheating exes and downsizing jobs. Hello fresh start in the Colorado mountains. With fingers crossed, she rolls into Wescott Springs only to get hit with a fresh disaster. Her rental cabin is flattened by a wild storm, and all the hotels and rentals are booked. Enter the surprisingly irresistible Nick Olin. In one fell swoop, he saves the day and now she’s his next door neighbor. No worries. His silky brown curls and teasing smile will not melt her heart. She can keep her life simple. She’s sworn off dating, and she’s not getting tricked into trusting love again, right?

His career is on the line… Nick Olin has one goal. Make partner. If it means selling the family’s Wescott Springs Resort to generate the cash, well, so be it. He’s got a buyer all lined up. Sure, his uncle built the resort from scratch, but Nick is ready to cut ties to the past. Well, so much for best laid plans— First, a freak storm trashes the resort’s cabins days before his buyers arrive, and then his ex is calling him out of the blue. To top it all off, the red-headed schoolteacher guilts him into letting her shack up in his guest cottage. Now, Krissa’s sexy curves and bewitching amber eyes have him thinking that a little flirtation wouldn’t hurt. Krissa is all kinds of wrong for him, but he can’t seem to fight his attraction, and he’s starting to forget why he should even try.

These reunited childhood friends have no need to fake date… until the PTA gets involved.

Everything in Liz Jenkins’s life is temporary, including the job she takes in her hometown at the summer camp she loved as a kid. She’s brilliant at turning struggling companies around and then heading off to the next struggling company.

What she’s not brilliant at is turning her own struggling love life around. And honestly, she’s okay with that, because love is scary and uncontrollable. She likes her life totally in control.

On paper, Noah Knight’s life is pretty great. He’s the beloved principal at Silver Leaf Falls Elementary in the town he grew up in and is surrounded by family. But something’s missing, and he’s about to accept a job in another state to hopefully fill that hole in his life.

Except Liz comes back to town, and that hole starts feeling not quite as empty. But he’s leaving town soon and she only wants to focus on work.

The whole town has been trying to set them both up on dates with people. But when his well-meaning PTA board decides they need to find him a wife before he moves—and gets all the students and their parents involved in the search for his new wife—he and Liz decide to fake date just to get them to stop.

And since neither of them wants to fall in love, nothing could possibly go wrong.