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Emotionally abused by her father and damaged by her past, Abigail doesn’t trust anyone… even herself. Instead, she lives for her quiet, little bookstore that has become her comfort zone. But when books begin to mysteriously disappear and reappear from the shelves and her father announces an impending visit, Abigail feels helplessly alone in her turmoil. Can she find it in her heart to trust one of her most loyal customers-the unnervingly attractive police officer, Jake Callahan-to assist? Will God use her circumstances to teach her how to fully trust in Him and His plan once more?

Experience love when it’s least expected with four full-length, heartwarming sweet romances in the One Night to Forever box set.

Fiancé for the Night: When a fake engagement spirals out of control, Cassandra fears losing her heart. Will she end the fake engagement, or could Troy be her perfect husband for life?

The Wedding Lullaby: After an impromptu wedding that was just for fun, Laurel discovers she’s pregnant. Will she get the marriage and family she dreams of having with Brett?

A Little Bit Engaged: A PR nightmare drags Cara into a fake engagement with A-list actor—and former crush—Brody. What will it take for her to survive the ruse with her heart intact?

Love on the Slopes: The one person who can help her is the last person she’d ever trust…again. Can Ryland and Brynn overcome their painful pasts and make their dreams come true—together?

With fake engagements, a surprise pregnancy, friendship to love, and hate to love storylines, these four novels will take you from San Francisco to Portland to Sun Valley. Treat yourself and find out how one night can lead to forever…

All Bernadette Parker wants is a promotion. All Damian Wells wants is to redeem himself. Finding love is not on the agenda.

Bernadette Parker can’t stand back and watch the office hottie take credit for her work yet again. It’s time to pull up her big-girl-panties and inform the new boss—McSteamy-Screamie, as he’s been nicknamed—that it’s her idea that caused the major spike in revenue last month. If she doesn’t lose her nerve in the face of his heartthrob, good looks, and broody demeanor, that is.

Has she mentioned his kissable lips?

Damian Wells has problems of his own. He needs someone to help him look good in front of his boss at an upcoming conference. Preferably someone who knows more about the business than he does, which shouldn’t be too hard to find, considering he’s only just being thrown into the position last week.

After spending the last ten years specializing in back-packing across Europe and being flirty with every woman he’s met along the way, Damian is the first to admit he’s not exactly boardroom material. He needs a smart, capable woman on his arm to help him win over the head of the company—who just happens to be his disapproving father.

Though Damian has sworn off love forever, and Bernadette is definitely not looking for a match with her boss, it might just be exactly what they get…because sometimes love is not business as usual.

She’s not homeless. 

Her home’s just 25,000 miles around!

Casey’s brand new in Sweet Grove, hitchhiked in with a delivery truck and is ready to hitch back out again when she finds a guy trying to save a litter of abandoned puppies. She hops a fence and breaks into a locked shed to get them out, but now they’ve got a whole lot of little mouths to feed.

Peter’s a straight-laced guy who’s been helping out at his dad’s siding business, but as soon as he graduates high school, he’s entering the military. 

Peter’s got his whole future planned out, and Casey doesn’t fit at all. Even so, she’s the most intriguing gal he’s ever met. Although she swears she’ll never accept help from anyone, she’s about to come face to face with a crisis she can’t solve on her own…and maybe Peter can’t help her either.

Wander about hill country Texas in this quirky novella about sacrifice, trust, and how to hop onto a moving train.