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After moving home to start a new life, can Madison find healing and a second chance at love while planning her small town’s fall festival?

A failed marriage. No job. A looming court date to face her abusive ex-husband. Worst of all, she’s had to move back in with her parents. But just when Madison Talbot thinks things can’t get any worse, she bumps into her high school sweetheart—literally. Romance is the last thing Madison needs, especially with the man who once left her high and dry—so she keeps telling herself.

Dylan Stewart returned to Cedar Lake to be with his family after an unimaginable tragedy and is set on staying for good. When Madison moves back to town, he’s got one more reason to make his work-from-home arrangement stick. As the guy who broke her heart first, can he help her see him in a new light?

After reconnecting over festival planning at the Starlight Inn, old feelings between them spark to a flame. But between family meddling and the wounds from Madison’s traumatic past, the ties between them soon begin to unravel.

Can these two learn to face the world together, or are they doomed to repeat their past mistakes?

Mack has built a solitary life for himself as a railroad surveyor. The only person he can rely on is his brother and partner. But when his brother is gravely injured, Mack is forced to accept help from the lovely Josie and her sidekick Ruthie.

Josie is Mack’s opposite in every way. She’s a dreamer who has led a charmed life. She sees the good in people. She draws people in, makes them feel special.

Trapped on a mountain, surviving an avalanche, and exposure to the elements… being with Josie is the biggest risk of all. Because she makes Mack want things he’s never had before. Home. Family. Someone to love.

A former FBI K9 handler, his childhood best friend who’s now a state senator, and a series of bombs threatening to tear the state capital apart.

Amanda Winslow aspires to change the world through politics. She spent the past sixteen years working her way up to the position of state senator, no easy task for a low-income, born and bred, Texan girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Encouraging her along the way is her best friend, Jesse Dixon, who spent years traveling all over the country, first with the FBI, and then with the elite Disaster City Search and Rescue team, combating domestic terrorism. Since he’s been back in Texas, they get together whenever they can, taking turns driving the three hours between them. Amanda sometimes wonders if there could be more than simple friendship, but she knows neither of them have time for romance with their careers taking priority.

Jesse Dixon spent eight years learning everything there was to know about terrorists’ tactics from the FBI. The only one that knows more about their mode of operations is his K9 partner, Liberty. Three years ago, Jesse was offered the coveted instructor position in the Urban Rescue division specializing in terrorist attacks at DCSRA. The best part about moving back to Texas, he got to be near his best friend, Amanda, again. What neither of them expected is for her to be at the center of the largest terrorist threat in all of Texas history. With Amanda’s life on the line, Jesse realizes he will do whatever he has to keep her safe.

Will Amanda be able to survive the terrorists’ threats? Will Jesse be able to find all the bombs before they go off? And despite all the danger around them, will they finally realize that best friends make the best partners and give each other a real chance at love?

An inheritance from a mother she never knew. But can this fixer-upper mend her heart?

Hazel didn’t think there was anything a homemade apple pie couldn’t fix—until her husband divorced her and left her broke. Trying her best to raise her ten-year old daughter and make ends meet, Hazel is desperate for a fresh start. When she inherits a fixer-upper in the small town of Maple Bay, Hazel and her daughter head to the country for the reading of her biological mother’s will. But a clause in the will says Hazel and her sister—the sister she didn’t know existed—must live together on the rural property for one summer, or forfeit their inheritance.

If Hazel can tough it out in the country for a few months, she stands to gain a historic carriage house. It needs renovation, but Hazel thinks she can fix it up, sell it as a bed-and-breakfast, and use the profits to begin her life anew, back in the city. She isn’t planning to stay in Maple Bay, or to fall in love with her sister’s best friend, Jesse—a single dad and handsome cowboy who is recovering from heartbreak of his own.

Hazel and Jesse are from two different worlds, but this horse-whisperer just might know how to speak to Hazel’s broken heart . . . until Hazel discovers a box of letters and a secret from her past that changes everything.

Promoter Kayla Barnes just scored her first real job, creating buzz for the Bear Creek Rodeo. Looking to make a name for herself and increase attendance numbers like never before, she talks the star bull rider, Casey Jennings, into being the prize in her biggest contest yet.

One lucky winner gets a date with Casey, but as they work out the details and grow closer Kayla realizes she wants to be the number one contestant.

_A sweet Southern town. A failing family manor. And a plan to save it all…_ 

Moving to Oakleaf Manor was the last thing Brynn Townsend had planned, but even more unexpected was the headstrong son of the owner stealing her heart. Her only hope of building a new life in the quaint town of Sugar Maple rests on saving his family farm. But when he threatens to derail Brynn’s daring plan to save Oakleaf Manor, she’s left no choice but to risk their budding romance in order to save it all. 

Preserving his family’s legacy means everything to Jack Oakley. Generations of the Oakley family have conserved the historic estate of Oakleaf Manor, but Jack’s past mistakes have left his family in danger of losing their home. With the fate of Oakleaf Manor resting solidly on his shoulders, he can’t risk failing again, even if it means putting his growing relationship with Brynn in jeopardy. 

Can Brynn find a way to convince Jack to trust both her and their love? Will Jack realize where his heart truly belongs before it’s too late? Or will both the happiness they had found and Oakleaf Manor end up in ruins?