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Breaking down in a nowhere town called Providence wasn’t part of the plan.

The only break single mother, Amy Lawson, catches after losing her job and finding her boyfriend with another woman, is a broken-down car. Stranded and desperate, she finds herself at the mercy of a handsome, brooding mechanic. When he offers her help, she accepts, knowing too well the pain that comes from trusting others.

Widower and grieving father, Ben Young, fixes cars and avoids people. He can’t stand to see the pity in their eyes. There’s something different in Amy’s eyes, though, and he’s driven to help her—for her little girl’s sake. But helping means caring, and that’s not something he’s capable of. Not anymore.

Just when it looks like a relationship might be possible between Ben and Amy, she realizes her breaking down in this small town wasn’t an accident. She holds the key to what happened to Ben’s family. But will her quest for answers cost her everything?

Can Viscount Harrogate be trusted? Sarah can’t be sure and too much is at stake to be wrong.

The newly titled Viscount Daniel Harrogate has just returned from war. Having fought against Napoleon’s forces, he makes his way to London with a task still to complete. The Duke of Abernyte must be found and a message relayed – but Daniel cannot find him. When he meets the beautiful Miss Graham, cousin to the Duke, he begins to grow suspicious of her, certain that she is hiding something from him.

Miss Sarah Graham knows the Duke is involved in important matters for the King but she must also remain silent. Her fears grow when Viscount Harrogate continues to pursue her, quite certain that his evident admiration of her is nothing but a ruse. When things become even more entangled, Sarah must make a choice. Will her fears continue to push her away from the Viscount? Or will she dare to trust him – not only with the truth but with her own heart?

She’s a down-to-earth beautician that likes to get her hands dirty in her free time. He’s a reliable machinist hurt by a past love. Can one surprising kiss between two neighbors guide them to a life of love?

Abby: As a beautician in a small farm town, I spend my days dressing up and chatting with my posh customers. But after work is when the real fun begins. I spend my free time at my neighbor’s ranch helping out with the animals and getting my hands dirty. Still living on my parent’s property at my age wasn’t in my plans, but they won’t let me leave until I’m married. Luckily I can see the positive in my situation and am saving my money for a house anyway. When my best friend machinist from next door needs me, I meld us together. Beau is handsome, good-hearted, and fixes my heart. But should I be risking our solid friendship for a deeper relationship?

Beau: Ever since my ex-fiancé ditched me before our wedding, I’ve been doing everything I can to stay busy at work and not think about it. My job as a machinist on the family ranch allows me to have time by myself without having to make small talk with anyone. But I’ll admit it can get lonely at times. Fortunately, the company I keep is good enough for me and I don’t need anyone else. When my lovely neighbor kisses me, I like the way we look together. Abby is warm, sociable, and compliments me well. But can I prove to her that our love is worth it?

Will Beau and Abby’s friendship get the tune-up they need to grow into something more? Or are these two destined to stay in the “friend zone” forever?

Dating a coworker is never a good idea. But…maybe this once, she could make an exception?

Chief Product Officer Selah Burton is great at her job. Still, she never expected her boss to ask her to help a friend with his product launch. She didn’t think she’d be attracted to the handsome tech billionaire, either. Yet…here she is…

Kieran O’Neal finds Selah attractive, but he had no idea his friend would rope her into a project to give him an opportunity to get to know her. The ruse is not a good idea. But putting an end to it…well, that’s harder to do than he imagined…

When the truth is spilled, can Kieran convince Selah to take a shot at love with him for real—or will his deception chase her away for good?