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What’s an heiress’ to do when her fiancé dies suddenly? Ask her aunt, who is the premier matchmaker in all of the West, to discreetly match her with a new suitor. What could go wrong?

Edwin Clarke is aimless. A fault his father insists can be corrected by way of a wife of substance, financial that is. Ed stands to inherit the family ranch, and the thousands of acres that comes with it. The problem is, the family’s money has been depleted by his mother’s outrageous spending habits. A rich heiress can solve all their problems, but how does he go about finding one?

Julia Bennett’s life is perfect, enjoying the spoils of being the darling of the upper crust of society. She’s an heiress with a handsome fiancé, set to marry within weeks. When tragedy strikes, however, her future crumbles around her, forcing Julia to make new plans. With her father’s imminent death looming, Julia must find a new man to marry in order to inherit. She is forced to turn to her aunt, a seasoned matchmaker.

Can Ed find his way to be the man Julia needs? Can Julia find her way to open her heart after her loss? And will the two of them agree to marry before the clock runs out for both of them?

A lovely, aspiring author hoping to become published, a gun-toting cowboy who thinks he’s engaged in a subtle pursuit of her, and a scheming guardian who puts a delightful wrinkle or two in everyone’s plans…

A dreamer like her father, Rose Addington has been secretly penning novels for romantic-minded young ladies under the pseudonym of R. Addington. Unfortunately, her dragon of a guardian, Aunt Flo, doesn’t approve of dreaming. Her crotchety spinster heart is set on marrying off her niece by summer’s end to a suitable gentleman of good breeding.

When a local farmer accidentally bumbles his way into their unlocked townhome, Aunt Flo decides to add shooting lessons to Rose’s endless list of educational past-times. It soon becomes clear to Rose that gun shop owner Lancaster Tracy is shamelessly courting her during her lessons — right beneath her aunt’s autocratic nose.

Now she has two secrets to hide from her aunt — her writing and her new beau. She worries when her aunt finds out about them, she will be forced to the same crossroads her father faced years ago. What will her choice be? Her family’s dynasty or her personal happiness?

I can never date my boss. Ever. Or I’ll be thrown into a pit of mice–the most horrible death imaginable! (Will someone please explain that to my grandma?)

Harmony: How did this happen? I’ve fallen for West, while I’m fake-dating his brother, the rockstar. And technically, they’re both my bosses! Does this mean I’ll have to die twice by intense mouse-terror?

West: My grandma tried to set me up with Harmony, but I rejected the idea before I met her. Big mistake! Turns out Harmony is adorable, even dripping wet and splattered with mud. Thanks to me, Harmony’s now dating my brother. Yeah, it’s a fake relationship, but I’ll never win her back from my famous brother. That’s what happens when I try to find a way around my meddling grandma’s crazy plans. No one gets the best of GeeBee!

Harmony: West and I shared a kiss! I thought it was dreamy, but he’s been avoiding me ever since. No doubt, I’m an awful kisser. But I’m not giving up! I’ve been studying new kissing techniques from a magazine article. If I get another chance, I’ll be ready…

West: I absolutely, positively can never kiss Harmony again. Her kisses explode all the brain cells that control common sense. If my brother finds out I’m into Harmony, he might not record her song on his album. I can’t reveal my true feelings when Harmony’s future success and happiness is on the line.

Real estate agent Cambria Baker needs to make a sale, or she’ll be homeless. So, when her broker asks her to do a showing on Mount Hood, Cambria jumps at the chance. The only problem? The buyer is as gruff as he is gorgeous and not impressed with her or the dilapidated cabin.

Tech billionaire Adam Zeile wants to build the perfect mountain lodge where he can forget about work and the women who are only interested in his net worth. He’s excited to see a property with a dream view, but the beautiful real estate agent’s eagerness to make the sale raises his suspicions.

When a mudslide traps them in the cabin, they must put aside their differences. As mutual respect grows into attraction, an unforgettable kiss changes everything. But can their newfound connection last once they’re rescued? Or are they better off burying it and saying goodbye?

A broken-hearted widow, a man discouraged by love, and the abandoned cat that brings them together.

Alone since her husband died, with only the company of online friends and long-distance phone calls, Sylvia yearns to rediscover life’s joys. Convinced exercise will help, she reluctantly ventures out to the local park. There in the shrubbery, she discovers Angel, a skinny feral cat that needs someone to care.

Jack was blindsided. After a lifetime of working toward a comfortable retirement, he was hit with a double whammy. A heart attack forced him to stop work early and his wife left just as he was getting back on his feet. Now his life is empty and his future uncertain until he meets Sylvia in the park trying to befriend a cat.

Can these two lonely souls find each other? Or are they destined to be alone?

Sam and Brody remind each other of what they want to forget—bad relationships and broken hearts.

Sam lost her career and her boyfriend on the same day. Needing an escape, she makes a radical decision—leave the big city for a small town, get a regular job, and take a break from men and romance.

Brody is picking up the pieces after divorce. He’s hoping for a fresh start in the small community of Maple Cove. Instead, he’s forced to co-manage a failing animal hospital with Sam, who seems ready to hate him on sight.

Watch two people learn to face their fears and love again in this sweet, small-town enemies to happily-ever-after romance.