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May I present …the Landon House series, where Lady Hayward and the Duke of Landon form an alliance to assist each other with the difficulties of their family life.

Lady Hayward is a widow and the duke will help her sons to learn how to manage their estate. In return, Lady Hayward will guide his daughters in society to find a suitable marriage. And what might lay in store for the love life of a duke when paired with the lovely and competent widow? You must read to the last book to find out!

Mistaken for a Rake: Lady Rebecca, the eldest daughter of the Duke of Landon, hopes to make a suitable marriage match this Season. Lord Richmond is a gentleman she should avoid, given the gossip about him and a married lady of the ton. He says he is innocent and she believes him. Will she risk her reputation and spend time with him for a chance for lasting love?

A Selfish Heart: Lady Anna is looking forward to the London season but it all goes wrong when Lord Comerfield mistakes her for someone else. Elias, the Marquess of Comerfield, feels guilty about ruining the lady’s reputation and is desperate to restore her reputation. There is only one right thing to do. But can he give up his selfish ways for Lady Anna?

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Things are looking bright for Zeke Cusano. He has everything he wants: a thriving boardwalk pizza shop, a close-knit family, and news that his arch nemesis in pizza-making is retiring. Even better is the prospect of a summer seduction with the newest resident in Beachside. Between her daily ride down the boardwalk atop her longboard and her love for bread and cheese, the new girl in town has a knack for pulling Zeke’s attention away from tossing dough. But when her identity is revealed as the granddaughter of his business rival, Zeke’s plan for a steamy summertime fling fizzles.

Heidi Martaluchi is ready to flex her culinary skills and shake up Beachside with her passion for mixology. Eager to show her family—especially Grandpa Gus—she can make their restaurant thrive, Heidi tries to energize the restaurant’s tired menu. Gus resists every change, especially when he learns Heidi is spending time with Zeke. His droning lectures recounting the years-old feud with the Cusanos does nothing to sway her—she likes the pizza guy. Undeterred by the animosity between their families, Heidi and Zeke conspire to keep their budding relationship a secret.

When the duo is charged with leading a campaign to bring visitors to Beachside, they become social media icons. Zeke and Heidi embrace their role as influencers, the perfect cover for their deepening bond. But when a private moment becomes a public spectacle, their true feelings are exposed to everyone, including their warring families.

Ever told a white lie that spirals outta control and you end up finding true love? Just me?

I was having the worst day ever, and to cheer myself up I was trying on wedding gowns at a boutique. Which is cool, until my frenemy walked in with her posse of women. “Emma! You’re getting married too? So am I!” I’m NOT getting married. I don’t even have a boyfriend. I just find wearing a wedding dress can turn a bad day around. But I couldn’t bring myself, to tell the truth. It’s too…pathetic. So I say a little white lie. But then it spirals out of control…and now she’s blasted my “engagement” all over social media and everyone is getting way too excited. I beg my best friend Aidan to fake being my fiancé…just for a while. And he agrees! The problem is the two of us are the world’s worst liars. It’s only a matter of time before one or both of us mess up. But the more we pretend to be in love, the more I start to wonder if the only people we are lying to is ourselves. Now I’m wondering if my little white lie can help me find my happy ending?

A K9-certified EMT, the new girl in town he instantly falls for, and the blind date disaster that finally makes her notice him — just not the way he hopes.

Knight Harlan is the heartthrob of Heart Lake — the guy all the single ladies in town want to date (and most of them have). Everyone, that is, except the newest, hottest nurse at the medical center, who makes it painfully clear she wants nothing to do with him.

Holly Burke allows her younger sister to talk her into moving to Texas for one reason only — a fresh start. And that doesn’t include getting involved with yet another playboy. When she and Knight end up serving together on the town’s search and rescue team, her better judgment tells her he’s the last guy she should ever trust with her heart.

But being on a team means you have each other’s backs — always. Even the back of the hunky EMT she’s secretly and hopelessly crushing on…