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She’s got the best undercover crew. But will a sinister secret undo them?

Kate Ross has lost way too much in the last six months. With her mother’s death from breast cancer, an agent she handled killed on the job, and her career in jeopardy, the beleaguered CIA officer’s faith in God seems like another casualty. So she’s relieved to be offered a shot at redemption by managing an innovative team of “mom spies”… until they saddle her with a more experienced man as a babysitter.

Battling self-doubt and a loss of confidence in her espionage skills, Kate directs a smoothly successful first mission for the unit. But just as she opens up to her kind and encouraging supervisor, she suspects he’s withholding key information when the subject of their next assignment is his ex-wife. And the only solution to her predicament may be prayers she has no expectation will be answered.

Can Kate find the guiding light to solve the case before her personal crisis threatens national security?

Rosemary is content with her life in the sleepy Maryland backwater of Catoctin Creek. Sure, things can be lonely for a woman all alone on a farm, but she has her horses, the elderly neighbors she’s known her entire life, and her best friend Nikki, who is always happy to drop by with take-out from the Blue Plate Diner and the latest town gossip. If nothing in her life ever changes again, Rosemary will be perfectly happy.

Then, Rosemary met Stephen. Stephen isn’t sure what he finds more upsetting about Catoctin Creek: the heavy country silence or the pitch-black nights. A trip that began as a quick visit to his ailing father has turned into a long-term nightmare with no end in sight.  His glittering life back in Manhattan is calling his name, but, unfortunately, his phone isn’t ringing with any job offers. If he can’t finagle a deal that puts him back on the map with his old investment pals, Stephen is going to lose his mind.

Then, Stephen met Rosemary. When Stephen lands on a plan to get back to New York, he can’t see any downsides to the deal. But all Rosemary sees is the end of her peaceful country life and hard-won happiness. She can’t see why he won’t leave well enough alone — and he can’t understand how anyone could be happy in this slow, small town. How can these two opposites learn to see the good in each other’s lives…and build a love that lasts?

She’s a busy single mom with the weight of a cat cafe on her shoulders. He’s perpetually unlucky in love with a heart of gold. Can a little boy with a surly cat and a missing tooth be the key to their happily ever after?

Carrie: Owning Broken Ornament Cat Cafe in Christmas Town with my sister is a real-life dream come true. Five years ago, the rest of my life looked equally as magical. I was married to my high school sweetheart and loving life as a new mom. But when my now ex-husband decided to move on, everything went paws up and I’m left trying to pick up the pieces. But when a handsome firefighter comes to rescue our cafe, I have a feeling we’re pawsitively purrfect for each other. Luke is chivalrous, sweet, and makes me wonder if love can grow from the ashes. Should I take a chance on love again or will I get burnt?

Luke: Some people are lucky in love, but I don’t know what that’s like. After being burned so many times, I made a decision to marry my career. So when the Christmas Town Fire Department 25 needs help, I’m happy to lend a hand. When my first call puts me in contact with a single mom and her adorable son, all my plans go up in flames. Carrie is charming, thoughtful, and a spark is ignited between us. But can I rescue someone who doesn’t need to be saved?

Rafe is a volunteer fireman who is sworn to protect his ranch and town. Gail has just lost everything to the devastating fire that destroyed her home. Will these two be able to heal their scars and find new love and happiness?

After the trauma of war, rancher Rafe comes home to help his community as a volunteer fireman while trying to find balance in civilian life. He must carry the mantle of his family, who have been Guardians of Coyote Valley for generations. Now its up to Gabe to protect the town from the fires that ravage the national forests around Coyote Valley. But as he gives his all to the community, he often forgets to take care of his own heart.

Loner Gail has just lost everything to the devastating fire that destroyed her home. When the handsome rancher who saved her offers to let her stay at his place, it seems like the perfect solution. Until she remembers she doesn’t really like living with people. It’s why she was living up on top of the mountain in the first place.

As these awkward two stumble in to a relationship, will they be able to heal their wounds and find new love and happiness?