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They stand on opposite sides of the argument with the community tearing between them. Will these two find a solution that will please everyone, including the yearnings of their own hearts.

Samantha Callender never had it easy, she just made it look easy. The rodeo queen titles, the barrel racing awards, the engineering degree…she never got anything cutting corners. Sam believed in good old-fashioned hard work and upholding the values of their forefathers, who she believed never wanted to change the geography that much. Now, back in town and on the local ecosystems board, she intends to preserve as much of the natural environment as she can, even if it means making enemies of all the ranchers.

Sean Foster was an avid rodeo clown. He understood the humor in his death-defying act as he would face down a bull in the pen, giving the cowboy a chance to escape to the safety of the fence. It didn’t matter what he did, he was going to put everything into it. So, when they asked him to head up the Potter Valley Rodeo committee, he committed to putting on the best rodeo Potter had ever seen. Until Sam Callender shut him down for threatening an endangered species.

As tempers flare between cowboys and conservationists, Sean starts to realize his ire with Samantha is hiding a growing respect, admiration, and even love for her. But as the battle lines are drawn over the ecology of the valley, these two find it impossible to stay apart. Could the solution be found in their own romance, if they will just give it a chance?

The past floods in when Kacie and Micah meet again. Some things remained the same, but so much had changed. She still felt the spark of a teenage crush while he saw the amazing woman she’d become.

Kacie’s life had gone differently than she’s expected but she was embracing the changes she had no control over. Raising her sister’s children was challenging and she’d give anything to have her sister and brother-in-law back, but that wasn’t going to happen. In the meantime, love was definitely not in her busy schedule.

Micah had left for college and hadn’t really looked back. Back in town at Christmas time to handle some business made him realize that a huge part of his childhood was unfinished. He’d become a billionaire and was wildly successful, but he realized his best days were the days he spent growing up in his small home town.

Can old feelings be rekindled to build a future or is the foundation shaken by too much change? Is the holiday spirit just what they need to finally bring them together?