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Language Rating: A few strong curse words / vulgar words
Kissing Rating: Steamy Kisses
Intimacy Rating: Pre-Marital - Open Door (Non Descriptive)

Single mom Noelle can’t stand her crotchety next-door neighbor.

She’s never met the man in person, but Mr. Grieder, a.k.a. Mr. Grinch, leaves her nasty notes whenever her son plays in the hallway. He complained until their doorman got rid of the beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby. He even slammed his door on the Girl Scout Carolers. This is Noelle’s first Christmas since a painful divorce, and this grouchy old hermit seems determined to make her favorite holiday as unpleasant as he possibly can.

Except there are two things Noelle doesn’t know about Mr. Grinch:

One, he’s not an old man.

And two, he’s going to be her date for Saturday night.

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: Chaste Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

It’s not easy coming up with a birthday surprise for the billionaire she’s crushing on — especially for a guy who’s been hiding such a mind-blowing secret!

Thea Ferrell decides it’s now or never to make a play for the hunky executive vice president. He’s super-wonderful, super-gorgeous, and super-rich, which makes him the first guy to live up to every line item on her wish list. Her only fear is that he’s too good to be true. In her experience, the good guys are always already taken, so why is this one still single and available?

Like most other people, Ford Merritt daydreams about candlelit dinners and star-studded walks on the beach with the perfect someone. But finding her has proven to be the biggest challenge of his life. He needs a woman who will love and accept the entire package deal, including the monumental secret he’s been hiding from everyone — even his closest friends.

Is Thea “the one” he can finally share the real Ford with? Is her heart big enough to take on the entire package deal? Or will his secret scare her away for good?

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: Chaste Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

Once she was a noblewoman.

Now she is a palace servant.

Ashlin never pictured herself scrubbing floors. But with the family savings depleted and her stepmother crippled by grief, Ashlin selflessly takes a job at the royal palace. She can pursue her dreams of becoming a seamstress someday in the future.

However, as she forms an unlikely friendship with the prince, she learns that the future may not be so certain. Wielders of a powerful magic threaten their small coastal kingdom and Prince Onric does not believe that their defenses will hold. 

As Ashlin navigates growing feelings for the charming prince, she realizes that her unique skills could help save the kingdom. But can she trust the charming prince or he is merely exploiting her selfless nature? 

Language Rating: A few mild words
Kissing Rating: Steamy Kisses
Intimacy Rating: Pre-Marital Closed Door

He’s conquered mountains and built an empire…will he dare surrender everything for love?

Free-spirited blogger Lena Anderson has no time for angry and obviously bitter recluses. How’s she to know that the seriously gorgeous, bearded dude next door is Jaxson Prince, a world-class skier and entrepreneurial genius? When Lena accidently blows his cover, and the paparazzi descend, she unleashes the beast!

Peace, quiet, and one bluebird day on the slopes…that’s all Jax is looking for when he arrives in Vail for his best friend’s wedding. But one badly aimed snowball has him rescuing stubborn, but sexy, Lena Anderson. If he’s not interested in love or commitment, what’s Jax doing playing house with five rambunctious kids…and the delectable and very independent Lena?

With the help of an adorable snow angel on the powder perfect slopes of Vail, can Lena uncover a heart of gold inside this diamond in the rough?