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Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: No Kissing
Intimacy Rating: No sex

Some people drown their sorrows or overindulge in ice cream when they’ve had a bad day. Emma goes wedding dress shopping. Emma King: I know it’s crazy. But trying on wedding dresses isn’t hurting anyone. I mean, the boutique owners know what I’m doing. Besides, it’s good publicity for them to have me in the middle of the outrageously expensive Bridal store, trying on gowns. And Heaven knows I need this. Today of all days. After being publicly humiliated during a board meeting I’d been preparing for my entire career.  So, I’m innocently trying on a dress. MY dress. The one I’m going to mortgage my apartment to pay for when Mr. Right finally comes along. When Shelly Bones, my arch-nemesis from highschool walks in. Our eyes meet, and for a second I don’t think she recognizes me. But her entourage of ladies twitter to each other. One of them points at me. “Emma! You’re getting married? So am I!” How hard is it to own up to the fact that you’re not actually getting married? Harder than coming up with an elaborate story that involves the Plaza hotel, a string quartet, caviar, and the sexiest bachelor in Manhattan apparently What’s wrong with telling a few white lies? No harm done. It’s not like I’ll ever see Shelly again, right? Wrong.

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: No Kissing
Intimacy Rating: No sex

Hunt Ryker vowed no Marine in his unit would ever be left behind, and that includes Marcus Zane who’s been missing for the better part of a year. As soon as Hunt recovers from his latest combat injury, he resumes his search for his missing comrade. He never imagined his search would land him in a temporary instructor position at an elite search and rescue training center.

Dallas Hill is tired of not being taken seriously as the lead dog handler in her local volunteer search and rescue unit. So what if she’s the rich and famous co-star in a blockbuster movie that’s still selling? To prove she’s truly retired from show biz, she applies for a slot at the prestigious Disaster City Search and Rescue Academy, determined to make a difference one missing child at a time.

When a shocking abduction rocks the town, Hunt finds himself fighting a sizzling attraction to Dallas in a race against the clock to bring a mystery child home.

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Rules are for fools!
Jake rebelled one too many times and has been sent away from his native Sweden to military school in Alaska. No one knows the real him as he was forced to change his name and start over. All he can think about is escaping his prison and his mundane life.
Until he sees her.
Ellie has been sent to boarding school to get her away from the conflict in her country. She has been there for three years and hates every day more than the previous one. When she is given an opportunity to take part in the Olympiad tournament she jumps at the chance to get out of the school. All she wants is to run away from her life, which is full of rules and obligations.
Until she sees him.
They are brought together in their braininess, their quick wit and their passion for escaping their mundane worlds. After spending time together they decide to run away from school and their familial responsibilities.
What happens when two hearts beat as one but family obligations threaten to separate them?

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Krissa needs a fresh start…


“Bad luck be gone.” Krissa Courtland closes her eyes and stabs a pin in the map. No more cheating exes or downsized jobs. With fingers crossed, she lands in Colorado, but right off a storm flattens her dream cabin. But disaster turns delicious when irresistible Nick Olin saves the day. And now Vail’s sexiest resort developer is her landlord and next door neighbor.


Nick’s career is on the line…


Nick’s silky brown curls and teasing smile melt her heart, but Krissa can’t shake the ache in her soul and won’t trust in love. Too bad for Krissa, Nick has other ideas. With her luscious curves and vulnerable amber eyes, Nick is oh-so-distracted from his empire building. Every time Nick makes a move, Krissa bolts. Can Nick prove he’s trustworthy and just the man to heal her heart? Or will Krissa run out on her chance at love?