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Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: Chaste Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

Two months ago Faith’s life wasn’t perfect, but she knew what she wanted … she knew who she wanted AND she knew what she would have to do to get him.


But how drastically would SHE have to change to have him to herself?


When Faith’s life changes in a blink of an eye, is she finally able to make those changes in her life to get the man of her dreams?


Who would have thought that someone’s death could change the course of her life so dramatically?


Follow her journey of self-discovery.


Does she find true love … or does it find her …?

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: No Kissing
Intimacy Rating: No sex

Lady Anna’s reputation has been shattered. Lord Comerfield should marry her to save her.


But will he? 


Having seen the success of her sister in finding a love match, Lady Anna is hopeful that she too will have the same good fortune. Under the guidance of Lady Hayward, she returns to London society with the hope of making an excellent match. Eager and confident, she is suddenly shattered when a case of mistaken identity brings her lower than ever before.


It had not been his intention to ruin Lady Anna’s reputation but now that he has done so, Elias, the Marquess of Comerfield, feels such guilt and shame that he is desperate to make amends. The only thing that will restore her reputation, however, is for him to wed her himself, but Elias resists the idea entirely. Attempting to do all he can to help the lady, he soon finds himself forced into a decision that will change his life forever.


Will he give up his own desire for the good of Lady Anna? Or will selfishness continue to reign over both his life and his heart?

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: Chaste Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

It’s not easy for an undercover agent to be just friends with the woman he’d much rather be dating.


Titus Rand is sent to Anchorage by a top-secret organization to investigate Genesis & Sons. He goes undercover as the head of his own security firm to serve as a bodyguard — which makes his path cross again and again with Jolene Shore, a lovely nurse on their payroll. Unfortunately, his line of work leaves no time for dating.


His plan to keep his emotional distance from her falls apart when he’s asked to guard the newest ward of the Maddox clan, a long-lost brother who requires constant medical attention. Though he knows it’s best to keep his relationship with Nurse Jolene firmly in the friend category, it’s getting harder each day to ignore what his heart wants.

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: Chaste Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

Bella’s love life is a mess! So, when her friend, Sonya, convinces her to try speed dating one night, it’s easier just to agree than to argue with her.

Just when Bella is ready to give up, she meets Number Nine; he‘s easy on the eye and takes an unconventional approach, which makes Bella wish their six minutes wasn’t ending.

Can you find love in six minutes? What happens when you find it and then it slips through your fingers?

Was Bella’s six minutes with number nine enough to open her heart for love again?