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Language Rating: A few mild curse words
Kissing Rating: Chaste Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

Follow the Sunshine Girls as they go gallivanting on the Austrian mountains.
As always, with these ladies, the fun starts at the airport …


We follow them as they learn to ski and manoeuvre the slopes …
Along with the local heartthrobs they have for ski instructors …
Will they take the meaning of ‘On the piste’ literally?


Who will lose their heart in Austria?


What trouble will our girls get
themselves into this time?


Stay tuned!


Step aboard the Sunshine tour!
Take a seat and lose yourself in Sunshine’s world!

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: Chaste Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

Lady Rebecca, a Duke’s daughter, is attracted to a man snubbed by society who could ruin her reputation. But she believes in him. Is that a mistake?

The Duke of Landon has finally had to leave his estate to launch his three eldest daughters in London society. Having been something of a distant father, he finds the prospect rather difficult, until a chance meeting with one Lady Hayward. Forming an alliance, he leaves them in Lady Hayward’s care.


Rebecca, the eldest of the Duke’s daughters, is determined to make a suitable match this Season. Looking for a practical arrangement rather than affection, she is surprised when Lady Hayward steers her away from the one gentleman she cannot seem to stop thinking about.


Lord Jeffery Richmond spurned the advances of a lady of the ton and now has a poor reputation that is entirely unjustified. How can he save himself from ruin in society? And how can he pursue a relationship with the daughter of a Duke while in such a situation!


Can he convince her that he is not the man society believes him to be? Or will she turn away from him entirely, leaving him heartbroken and alone?

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: Steamy Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

A brooding CEO, a loving dog handler, and a grandmother with a plan….


Tender-hearted Becca Taylor wants to put the past behind her and start fresh. Thanks to her new job caring for the dogs of a very wealthy family, she can do just that. When the feisty matriarch asks her to join in a business venture, Becca believes her goals are within reach. Now, all she has to do is convince her partner’s grandson that their plan is solid. Too bad he hates her on sight.


Caleb Fairchild will do anything to keep his heart and his family safe—which is why the beautiful Becca must go. Her eagerness to help his grandmother is suspicious, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of her motives. However, when the truth surfaces about Becca’s past, Caleb fears he may have misjudged her.


Despite being stark opposites, Becca and Caleb’s attraction grows. Unfortunately, Caleb’s lack of trust keeps getting in the way. Can they overcome their obstacles or will the past keep them from having all of their dreams come true?

Language Rating: A few strong curse words/vulgar words,
Kissing Rating: Steamy Kisses,
Intimacy Rating: Pre-Marital - Closed Door

As her senior year of high school nears its end, Seryna believes she knows what she wants out of life. But when she falls in love with a handsome stranger, untapped feelings and desires she never knew she had come forward.

Pulled into a romance that changes her life, she engages in an affair with rich and powerful Kieran. Soon, complications beyond new love emerge for the young woman, including her lover’s role in the FBI investigation of her family’s potential crimes. It results in a suspenseful romance filled with twists and turns.

Is her family hiding a dark secret? Will she take a chance on a new life of passion and romance, even if it means giving up her plans for the future?

In this sexy novel with a passionate love story, author D. D. Larsen introduces readers to a young woman at the crossroads between the old family ways and a new world of passion and fulfillment.

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: Chaste Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

A runaway Russian princess, a copper mine owner, and a secret baby that could ruin their chance at a happy marriage.


Miriam Novikoff leads a sheltered life as a princess until her husband is killed and she is blamed for his death. In order to keep from losing her head, she flees to America, with only a handful of jewels to pay her way to freedom. On her trip out West, she realizes she’s pregnant, a complication she never planned on.


Mark Bennett owns half of the largest copper mine in all of Arizona. He enjoys running the family mine and spending time with friends when he isn’t working. However, that isn’t enough for his matching-making aunt, who insists he needs to settle down and find a wife. He doesn’t want any of the women she’s been throwing at him lately, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and places a mail order bride advert.


Can Miriam find a way to trust Mark with her big secret? What will Mark do when he finds out Miriam is pregnant? And what happens when Miriam’s past catches up with her?