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Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: No Kissing
Intimacy Rating: No sex

A mother and daughter facing sudden tragedy, a handsome sinner who agrees to lend a helping hand, and the unwanted feelings he kindles…

Naomi McGruder loses everything in what feels like an unstoppable run of bad luck — her husband, both her sons, and the business they own. When her home is repossessed, she has no choice but to turn to her last living relative for help, a distant cousin of her late husband whom she hasn’t seen for years. With one stubbornly loyal daughter-in-law in tow, she boards a train for Mountain Spring, Idaho, never dreaming she would land the two of them in the crosshairs of matchmaking minister.


Pastor Zachary Shepherd is flabbergasted at how quickly the Lord answers his prayers to send more women to their town of rough-and-tough mountain men, this time in the form of two lovely widows. The younger one will be an easy match; he already has the perfect husband in mind for her, so long as the man is willing to receive a bit of coaching on his appearance and a few other items. Naomi, however, fits so perfectly into Pastor Zach’s work at the church that he begins to dream of building a parsonage to help him keep her closer — much closer — to his plans for the future.


With the spring thaw approaching, the air is suddenly brimming with not one, but two, courtships and all the pitfalls and mayhem that seem to accompany the first bloom of love in their rustic mountain town!

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: Chaste Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

When the deck is stacked against you…

Rosemary Weaver is keeping a secret that’s driving her away from everyone and everything she’s ever known. She needs protection, a place to hide, and a way to disappear from the men who are chasing her. When she hears of an outlandish opportunity to serve as a Pinkerton Agent in the wilds of Texas, it’s the perfect solution — until she realizes her new husband will be the notorious quick-draw, known as the Joker.

Agent Joaquin “Joker” Hillard knows what his peers say about him. They think he’s reckless, a prankster, wild, and unpredictable. But those are the very traits that make it no trouble to play along with an elaborate plan to capture a dangerous outlaw who’s managed to evade the authorities so far. He is highly intrigued at the opportunity to pick out a new partner via a mail-order bride company, that is, until he lays eyes on the stunning creature.

How is he supposed to work with someone who appears as soft and gentle as Rosemary? Her plan to use herself as bait to draw out the criminal worries him, but her secret — once revealed — utterly terrifies him on behalf of her safety. Can these two turn the tables on a horrific enemy, or will this case require more than Rosemary’s wildcard of a husband can deliver?

Ratings Unavailable

Bluestocking Emma Sellars wants to be a doctor, but her parents would rather see her as a bride. Her sisters are determined to find her a husband before the Season ends but Emma has other plans. Lord Thomas Belmont’s interest lies not in the Season but in the pockets of the affluent travelers coming in on the London highways. A chance meeting with Emma in a bookstore makes him wonder whether he can trade his pistol for a wedding band, but the choice between love and duty is harder than he ever thought possible.

Ratings Unavailable

Rules are for fools!

Jake rebelled one too many times and has been sent away from his native Sweden to military school in Alaska. No one knows the real him as he was forced to change his name and start over. All he can think about is escaping his prison and his mundane life.

Until he sees her.

Ellie has been sent to boarding school to get her away from the conflict in her country. She has been there for three years and hates every day more than the previous one. When she is given an opportunity to take part in the Olympiad tournament she jumps at the chance to get out of the school. All she wants is to run away from her life, which is full of rules and obligations.

Until she sees him.

They are brought together in their braininess, their quick wit and their passion for escaping their mundane worlds. After spending time together they decide to run away from school and their familial responsibilities.

What happens when two hearts beat as one but family obligations threaten to separate them?

Language Rating: No cursing
Kissing Rating: Chaste Kisses
Intimacy Rating: No sex

She plans to work alone. He wants to be left alone.


What connects them is a country lane that may be their pathway to love—if only they’d stop irritating each other.


Recovering from a personal trauma, IT geek, Jessica, stumbles into Heart Springs with one goal in mind. What she hadn’t planned on was clashing with the bantering, blue-eyed, hard-bodied, Brett.


Shouldering his own emotional tragedy, Brett prefers the solitude of his farm. Until he discovers his new neighbour, the disagreeable yet desirable Jessica standing in his way.


Over six long weeks of winter, these two torn souls somehow agree to work together. But do they dare act upon their mutual attraction, or will they walk away from each other for good?


From the lush countryside of New South Wales to the harsh Centralian outback, hike into the heart of this sweet, small-town rural romance, where learning to let go of the past can be the most imperfectly perfect step towards love.

Language Rating: A few mild curse words
Kissing Rating: Steamy Kisses
Intimacy Rating: Pre-Marital - Closed Door

When love is the greatest risk of all…


Take one love-burned school teacher, add a globe-trotting bachelor, stir in the real estate deal of the century, and mix with a wild storm, and you have a sweet and sexy romp to love in the Colorado mountains.


Krissa needs a fresh start…


“Bad luck be gone.” Krissa Courtland closes her eyes and stabs a pin in the map. No more cheating exes or downsized jobs. With fingers crossed, she lands in Colorado, but right off a storm flattens her dream cabin. But disaster turns delicious when irresistible Nick Olin saves the day. And now Vail’s sexiest resort developer is her landlord and next door neighbor.


Nick’s career is on the line…


Nick’s silky brown curls and teasing smile melt her heart, but Krissa can’t shake the ache in her soul and won’t trust in love. Too bad for Krissa, Nick has other ideas. With her luscious curves and vulnerable amber eyes, Nick is oh-so-distracted from his empire building. Every time Nick makes a move, Krissa bolts. Can Nick prove he’s trustworthy and just the man to heal her heart? Or will Krissa run out on her chance at love?