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99 Pennies!

Imperfect ladies destined to be spinsters. That is, until Lady Emily, a widow, returns to society and finds herself in a position to help these ladies find love and happiness.

Book 1 – A New Beginning
Emily, a widow, returns to society with a new attitude. Admired by some “almost on the shelf” ladies, they ask for her help in finding husbands. Then an old beau is begging her to consider his courtship. Can Emily help others find love, and have a chance at love herself?

Book 2 – The Disgraced Bride
Miss Emma Bavidge can barely make her way through society without someone whispering about her. Her father’s disgrace has ruined her reputation and left her struggling in society. Her one hope is Lady Emily Smithton, who leads ‘The Spinsters Guild’ and has promised to help. 

Book 3 – A Gentleman’s Revenge
Miss Sarah Crosby is considered to be a spinster. Helping her cousin, Sophia, with her debut, she is attracted to Sophia’s suitor, Lord Ruddington.  Lord Ruddington has a secret and a desire for revenge. Will he able to enact his revenge? Or will Sarah stop him?

Book 4 – A Foolish Wager
Lady Amelia is forever burdened with an injured leg, a consequence of a fall from a tree. Lord Montague is blackmailed into a wager and is forced to court Lady Amelia to win the bet of making Lady Amelia fall in love with him. He soon realizes his mistake. But what can he do when so much is at stake?

Book 5 – A Lord Undone
Lady Beatrice’s father said her mother played him false, and now she can barely lift her head in society.  While hiding from society in a bookshop, she discovers a mysterious note in a book. She takes it home and becomes entwined in a mystery that changes her life!

The Spinsters Guild series features Lady Emily Smithton as something of a matchmaker for a group of unusual ladies who are almost “on the shelf.”  Can Lady Emily help them find their perfect match? Get your copy today!


Two strangers hiding their own life-long secrets. Can pretending to be married…be that hard?


The town of Greenlock shuns the daughter of the mortician. Day after day, Lauren begrudgingly has to take over her father’s duties creating despondence in her tender heart.


Then a voice speaks from the morgue basement. A rough and tumble outlaw who’s supposed to be dead is still alive! For some unfathomable reason, Lauren agrees to help him stay dead.


Elias was raised at Lennhurst Asylum. Since he had no family or future, he jumped a half-served prison sentence and enlisted in the recent Civil War to wield explosives. From running and surviving all his life, all Elias promised anyone was loyalty. Love was out of the question. When Lauren mentions her longing to see her mother and sister in Colorado, for loyalty’s sake, he offers to take her on the arduous wagon train journey. Of course, it wouldn’t be proper not to be married while traveling together. Lauren and Elias, so vastly opposite; their charade should be easy and yet they never expected it to threaten their very lives.


Loyalty versus love. Can Love Cover a multitude of sin or destroy a future?


She chose her career over him. He put his family before her. When they get a second chance, will they choose to put each other first?


As she climbs the corporate ladder, Sophie doesn’t let herself think about what she gave up when she declined Spencer’s proposal five years ago. So when she’s called home to say goodbye to her dying grandmother, she goes out of her way to avoid seeing him. Of course, that means he’s the first person she runs into. Much as she fights against it, being near him stirs up old feelings and makes her question old decisions.


Leaving college to help on the family farm cost Spencer the woman he loved. But he couldn’t turn his back on his family. Now that Sophie’s back in town, Spencer’s determined to protect his heart. Only he senses something new in Sophie—something that makes him think maybe they could have a second chance. But when his family needs him again, he feels like he’s repeating the past.


Only this time, he’s not sure what choice he should make.


Is God giving them a second chance? Or are the heartaches of the past too much to overcome?

99 Pennies!

Ready? Let’s take a trip to Magnolia Harbor! The quaint seaside town on the Eastern seaboard, full of residents with real lives, big hearts, and arms wide open waiting to welcome you!


These stories will have you laughing, crying, and overcoming the odds page-after-page!


Included in this set are all the popular titles:
• Hope’s Bakery
• When Hearts Collide
• From New York, With Love
• Unexpected Events
• The Vacation Cottages


Get to know this sweet, coastal harbor town through the eyes of its various residents and visitors. Then fall in love yourself. With a story for every age and intersection of life, you are bound to feel your heartstrings tugged and uplifted. Enjoy these heartwarming stories about navigating life, love, friendship, and family with Amazon best-selling author Sophie Mays’ Magnolia Harbor series!