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99 Pennies!

Coming home for the holidays was never supposed to mean falling in love.

Charlotte Wilson is in her very last semester of college. Distractions are completely out of the question, which is what makes everything about Oliver Hull a very bad idea. The local firefighter is so far out of Charlotte’s league that he should be classified as a different species. Handsome, charming, and dangerously persistent, Oliver is everything Charlotte cannot handle right now.

The small town of Unity Springs is overflowing with Christmas Spirit, and Oliver’s work at the fire station is keeping him more than busy. Then along comes Charlotte Wilson, and Oliver’s aspirations fall to the wayside in his pursuit of just. One. More. Kiss.

When tragedy strikes, Oliver and Charlotte’s budding relationship is put to an unexpected test. Why does Charlotte keep running away from everything that makes her heart glow? Love and happiness are within her grasp. Is she strong enough to reach out and take it?


A new Pinkerton detective trying to hide her feelings from the man she loves, an undercover agent trying to protect the woman of his dreams from a dangerous set of outlaws, and the marriage of convenience that forces them to face what their hearts really want…


Madeleine Caruthers has been madly in love with her pastor for over a year, but (despite the fact she is convinced the attraction is mutual) he’s made it clear he’s married to the church and his job. So when her friends in Texas send her a frantic summons, she doesn’t think twice about signing on as a Pinkerton agent to assist them in their quest to bring a dangerous cattle rustling gang to justice. As far as she’s concerned, women can marry their jobs, too.


Pastor Josh Michaelson hates the fact that he’s not in the position to court the lovely Madeleine, but he can’t stand the thought of dragging her into the dangers of his life as an undercover Pinkerton agent. When she suddenly departs for Texas, he prays she will find someone out west who will love her and cherish her the way she deserves. He doesn’t expect to get called to work a case in Texas, himself, nor does he (not even in his wildest dreams) expect to be asked to join hands in temporary matrimony upon his arrival — with none other than the woman of his dreams!


Is one summer enough time to change everything?

Anna Wright is always on her best behavior — turning in homework assignments early, keeping her head down during disagreements, and living life vicariously through action movies.

Faced with the reality of her reputation as a lame, high school cliché, she decides now is the time for a change, so when hotshot basketball player Jeremy Blake interrupts her late-night plotting over a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, she convinces him to help.

As they explore the summer together, Anna can’t help but wonder what else will fall into place as autumn approaches.


When Ava McKenna left the neighborhood she grew up in, she never planned to look back. And for ten years she didn’t. Not until Mateo Ortega, the handsome and charming boy next door, showed up to ask for her help. Mateo needed a favor, actually he needed a pretend fiancée, and he thought Ava would be the perfect woman for the charade. Ava knew that she owed the Ortega family a favor but when she looked into Mateo’s gorgeous brown eyes she realized that repaying an old debt might jeopardize her heart.


Can the fallen be redeemed?


Tabitha Mason wants a second chance at love. She’s seen the handsome soldier several times in the past and wishes he would just notice her for once. Nothing has been easy or gone her way, including trying to get the handsome soldier’s attention, but when fate steps in, she realizes that this is her moment to shine.


Brandon Tobin wants a chance at life. His friends are getting married, finding their special someone, and settling down, while he is still serving in the Afghani desert. He’s proud to serve his country, but when he’s captured, the nightmares are more than he can handle.

Can Tabitha see through the pain, rescuing the man she’s always cared for? Can Tobin trust their love to keep all the terrifying memories at bay?


Note: Trigger warning. This book deals with PTSD and has a violent scene

99 Pennies!

When a tropical storm serves up a second chance at love for a once-burnt-twice-shy kind of guy…


Champion surfer Ford Anderson is a classic shy guy. He’s far more comfortable riding the next big wave than he is braving the perils of dating. So when his best friend and self-proclaimed wingman tries to wheedle him into going on a blind date, he turns him down flat. A mere few hours later, he learns that his would-be dinner date is stranded on a sinking yacht.


Though he’s certified to handle water rescues, Ford can’t help feeling guilty, knowing the lovely grad student would be safely enjoying a meal on dry land if he’d asked her out like he was supposed to. With a storm brewing and the water turning treacherous, there aren’t many surfers who can handle the kinds of waves blowing in. In fact, he knows only one surfer skilled enough to handle the mission — him.


Looks like Ford will be getting to meet his brilliant and beautiful blind date, after all!