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How’s an ordinary girl to keep her cool when an international male model moves in next door?


Ava: With hard work and a complete belief in myself, combined with enough time to build momentum, I’d been able to create quite an online following with my beauty channel. If only my fans knew my makeup skills were born from a desperate need to cover up my secret. They would have never known any better had that stupid model not shown up next door and catwalked his way into my life with his sculpted cheekbones and his seaglass eyes.

Ryder: Modeling was an interesting sport. Some of the most beautiful women were actually quite ugly under all the glamour. Coming home to Nickel Bay, I saw that sometimes the most ordinary women were truly the most beautiful. Ava is exactly that. Gorgeous. Even after we become friends and her secret is exposed publicly. Unfortunately, I’m to blame for that and I’m not sure she’ll ever forgive me. Why can’t she see past her perception of perfect?


One couple, a pending divorce, and a baby who needs a family…


No matter how hard Kate Malone strives to be perfect, everyone she’s ever loved leaves. She foolishly believed “I do” meant “forever.” Now, her wedding ring is in a jewelry box, and she’s alone once again. But when Kate and her soon-to-be ex-husband become the sole guardians of an infant, divorce is not an option with a new baby counting on them.


Jared Reed loves Kate more than anything—even if he did push her too far. Now he’s determined to keep his promises to his best friends and especially to his wife. A marriage of convenience sounds rather inconvenient, but Jared will do whatever it takes to get Kate back and provide their new little girl with parents who not only love her, but love each other, too.


Parenting brings them closer, but their undeniable attraction makes Kate want to keep her distance. Jared, however, won’t give up on having the family and marriage he wants. Can Jared prove to his wife that he’s the husband she’s always wanted before it’s too late?

99 Pennies!

Twenty-one swoon-worthy heroes. Twenty-one chances to fall in love. Twenty-one happily ever afters.


Billionaires. Cowboys. Rock stars. Mountain men… and more. They’re all about to find love, whether they were looking for it or not… their last first kiss that will change their lives and flip their neat and orderly worlds upside down. Enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, second chance — you’ll find all of your favorite tropes along with scorching leading men and heroines you’ll be cheering for.


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Featuring the following authors: Tamie Dearen, Judith Lucci, Evangeline Kelly, Lorana Hoopes, Jo Noelle, Jean C. Gordon, Jessie Gussman, Donna K. Weaver, Melanie D. Snitker, Monique McDonell, Michelle Pennington, Kit Morgan, Emma St. Clair, Jeanette Lewis, Anne-Marie Meyer, Judy Corry, Bree Livingston, Juliette Duncan, Vivi Holt, Brooke St. James, & Joy Ohagwu

99 Pennies!

A lonely Texas Ranger, a gun-toting spinster, and a marriage of convenience — what could possibly go wrong?


Bolt Sanderson answers the call for more lawmen at the Western Joint Task Force in Ft. Bliss, Texas, to help fight the rise in border crimes. A lonely bachelor with no time for courting, he especially likes the fact there’s a mail-order bride agency down the street from his new post. Looks like finding the perfect woman to start the perfect family with will be as easy as picking out a gift from his favorite catalogue.


Scarlett Martinez can shoot, hunt, and track as well as any man, but she’s a complete failure as a debutante. She’s convinced she’s doomed for spinsterhood, until she runs across an advert for a mail-order bride willing to relocate to a crime-ridden border town. It sounds as if she’s finally found a man willing to overlook her lack of domestic skills. Until Bolt swaggers up to her on their wedding day, requesting an apple pie to celebrate the happy occasion… Why, she can barely boil water!

99 Pennies!

Growing up as one of the Jewel Sisters of Caudal Bay has never been easy for Sapphire Smith and got out of town as soon as possible. As far as her friend’s and family are concerned she’s a struggling radio DJ living in Sydney who  also works part-time as a PA for her best friend country music star Ryan Storm, but that’s only part of the story, just a little white lie really.


When an accident in her home town brings real-life hero and firefighter Campbell into her life their relationship starts with a smoulder and slowly begins to spark.


As their relationship begins to heat up one thing is clear – Cam is all about honesty and Saffy’s keeping a very big secret about who she really is.


Will Saffy come clean before lies ruin her relationship not just with Ryan but with her entire family? 


My name is Nollaig, it’s the Irish word for Christmas. I hate my name. My parents loved Christmas and that’s why they gave me such a festive name, together with the fact that I was born on Christmas Day.


However, my parents are no longer with us after dying in a car accident on Christmas Eve, five years ago. Now I hate Christmas all together.


I always hated the fact that everyone got presents on my birthday. Now my parents are gone and ever since then I just don’t feel like celebrating Christmas. Everything about this holiday gives me sad memories.


I need a miracle to happen over the Christmas holiday to make me change my mind about Christmas.


Who knew that a quick shopping trip would provide me with the miracle that I so desperately needed?