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99 Pennies!

What do you give a billionaire who has everything?


Roman Cantona is promoted to CEO of his family’s hotel conglomerate. He always knew this day would come; he just never imagined it would come so tragically or so quickly. There are too many things he never had the opportunity to cross off his bucket list before shouldering the weight of the Cantona dynasty, and now he has time for little else besides work. As his birthday approaches, he’s in no mood to celebrate. At the last minute, however, he accepts a friend’s dare to submit an application for an exclusive birthday experience…or so the website claims.


Rising pop singer Celine Petrova receives an invitation from an exotic resort for a weekend singing tour. Though she’s preparing for her graduate thesis project, she can’t afford to turn down the opportunity. She is shocked to come face-to-face with the man who funded her full-ride scholarship — the very hunky, very sweet billionaire who looks like he could use some cheering up…


BILLIONAIRE BIRTHDAY CLUB is an exclusive retreat — for the billionaire who appears to have everything but secretly wants more. After filling out a confidential survey, a curated celebration is waiting on the island to make all his birthday wishes come true!


Everyone thinks they’re the perfect match. Well…everybody except them.


In a town the size of Friar Hollow, there are only so many eligible young men to choose from. Even so, did everyone have to keep trying to pair Leah with the new, pompous know-it-all veterinarian? Surely there has to be someone else she could date to prove she’s moved on once and for all from her controlling ex.


Daniel can’t seem to get away from the crazy cat lady—er, Leah. From their first ill-fated encounter, to their blind date gone wrong, she’s everywhere he turns. Can’t he just find a nice, normal woman? But  he has to admit, when the matchmaking matrons of Friar Hollow start to drive him nuts, at least Leah makes an excellent fake date. And it is fake, right? There’s no possible way two opposites could get together…not when their favorite pastime is fighting like cats and dogs. 


99 Pennies!

She wanted to leave.

He wanted to come home.

Lydia Mason was the daughter of the mayor. No matter what she did, she was always the daughter of the mayor. One day, she would leave this town and make a name for herself, then maybe she’d be able to find someone who could love her for her.

Ethan was born on the outskirts of town. His family was never welcomed by the people who lived here.

He left town after high school to prove that he could be more than anyone else believed he could be, then maybe he’d be a person someone could love.

Can a bet and a fake relationship help two souls realize that home isn’t just the place that heals, but it’s also a place where you can find unconditional love?