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A bad boy soccer star, a kind-hearted artist, a game neither planned on playing…

After her divorce, Lucy Martin left her small hometown for the big city, never expecting to return. Now she’s back, caring for her soccer-crazed nephew while his parents are deployed. She’ll do anything to make him happy—including reaching out to her former high school crush and current soccer superstar, Ryker James.

Nursing an injury, Ryker plans to lie low at his parents’ house until he heals. He can’t wait to rejoin his club and make amends for the trouble he caused. When the younger sister of a former teammate asks him for a favor—to coach her nephew’s soccer team—he should decline. But boredom and attraction compel him to help Lucy.

Coaching forces them together, and sparks fly…on and off the field. But Lucy’s wary of romance, and Ryker can’t afford a distraction. Before the final whistle blows, will they take a shot at love or forfeit the match?

99 Pennies!

A cold playboy in need of a fiancee.


A sweet photographer in need of a job.


A proposal that would last a lifetime.


Eric Jansen was aware of his reputation. As a stoic widower with a mysterious past, work was his only solace…until his investors threaten to end the deal. With a new luxury hotel and housing development for underprivileged families on the line in scenic Rio de Janeiro, the beautiful new photographer, Jayla Mitchelson, is perfect for the job. She may also be the perfect woman to claim his heart.


Fresh from a divorce that she never saw coming, Rachel decides to take the summer off and get away.

She heads to small-town Moonshire Bay and rents a summer cottage, hoping to have a relaxing few months and get back in touch with who she is as a single woman.

Then she meets Evan Harris, the bartender and owner of the local bar, and despite thinking she was done with love forever, she can’t help but be intrigued by this handsome man.

Evan came to Moonshire Bay ten years ago to escape his past. Resigned to living his life alone, meeting Rachel is making him rethink that decision.

Can they both get leave the past behind and learn to trust again?


During her upbringing at the orphanage, Jolene Lilygate made a childhood pact to come to the aid of her two best friends, no questions asked — for life. So when Lorelai Woods urgently summons her to Texas, she packs a bag and boards the next train. She soon finds herself serving as a detective-in-training with a seasoned Pinkerton agent requesting her hand in marriage, but only for the duration of their current investigation.

Agent Edgar Barella jumps at the chance to sink his teeth into helping track down a dangerous cattle rustling gang. He’s never been able to resist a challenge, though being ordered to marry the stunning Jolene was never part of his plan. Insisting their marriage will be in name only, he does everything he can to prove he is not husband material so she doesn’t become too attached to him during the case. He never expected his growing feelings for her to become such a complication!

99 Pennies!

Ellen Cross has to stop running sometime.

She’s fled her past all the way across the Atlantic. She’s given up hope of having the kind of romance she dreamed of as a girl. Bruised, inside and out, she’ll be happy just to find a family she can keep house for.

Nate Harper has been in Lazarus County, NM for years. His younger sister knows how lonely he is has been seeking a bride for him back East. He’s embarrassed but his heart wells up with kindness when he reads about Ellen’s hopes for a new life and invites her to his home as a housekeeper. Neither want to admit to their attraction, and Ellen can’t shake the feeling that no man will ever love her with her dark past.