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Kiss Me in Wescott Springs: Wescott Springs Romance Novellas #3 and #4

Escape with two enticing tales of love. Sometimes opposites do attract and just need a second chance love…courtesy of a raspberry puff pastry and an unexpected discovery. And then again, maybe all it takes is a little wine, truffles and a remodel to turn enemies into lovers! Welcome back to Wescott Springs where it’s always a sweet and sexy romp to love!

Why gamble on a second chance at love? Six years ago, Cole McCaffrey shattered Alix Porter’s heart into a million scattered shards. But one lucky encounter with flying artwork lands Alix right back into Cole’s lap. With seven short vacation days, can Cole spark their sizzling chemistry and convince Alix of his love, despite the lie that tore them apart?

What’s better than wine, chocolate and a little renovation magic? A sweet and sexy matchup between a handsome, hammer-swinging contractor, Sean McMallory, and a flirty and stubborn champagne bar owner, Melinda York, who’s in a remodel pickle!      (Read the full blurbs on Amazon)

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Secret Valentine (Secret Series Book 2)

Professor Hannah Wagganer spends her days teaching history, and her nights dating Glen Arbor’s new mail carrier, Jasper Morgan. Not only does he spark Hannah’s heart, but he has become best friends with her cat, Jingles.

As Hannah happily prepares for the church Valentine’s Day potluck and makes cards for local veterans, a snowstorm sends her plans, and her relationship with Jasper, on an unexpected detour. She seeks refuge from the storm at Jasper’s cottage, and finds him to be a warm and gracious host. But, at the same time, the spark is gone—when it comes to romance, he’s turned as cold as the February wind. Doubt creeps in, leaving Hannah worried that she’ll end up spending another holiday alone.

Then, once again, unexpected blessings abound in town, when an anonymous donor pays to have the church pipes repaired, and other locals suddenly find solutions to their problems. Is it coincidental, or the work of a secret valentine?

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The Rebound Rescue: A K9 Handler Romance (Disaster City Search and Rescue Book 2)

After a bad breakup, former bodybuilding champion Jett Channing decides to go on a girlfriend diet. So when his normal responsibilities as a forest ranger are interrupted to rescue a stranded hiker, he jumps at the chance to work off his wounded pride by doing something so meaningful and worthwhile.

Gwyneth Moore can’t believe her T.V. celebrity boyfriend of three years is dumping her for an anemic-looking supermodel. Too crushed to return to her job as a university research scientist, she decides to take the afternoon off to study a rare breed of flowers at the Sam Houston National Park.

When she slips down a steep incline and becomes trapped on a narrow ledge, she is stunned speechless to discover the super-hot Jett Channing is the one who’s been sent to her rescue. Maybe it’s her dehydration and exposure to the elements taking over, but Gwyneth finds herself crushing on the swoon-worthy ranger who’s literally trying to talk her off the ledge in a daring rescue attempt. And it’s way too bad he’s not looking for a new girlfriend, because that’s exactly the vacancy she wants to fill if she survives her fall!

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A Bull Rider’s Paradise: A clean and wholesome contemporary cowboy romance novellette (Barrels and Hearts Book 0)

True love is only the beginning….of the story

Sheltered Ana, strongly suspects all bull riders are jerks. When the dashing Eduardo storms into her world, she comes crashing down from her high horse. But can she trust him not to break her heart?

Eduardo is determined to rise above the poverty of his village and becoming a champion bull rider is his ticket to escape. But he never expects to have an angel fall at his feet. Will he have the strength to leave her and chase his fortune in America?

Sometimes finding love is easy. It’s keeping it that’s hard.

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Billionaires: Seven Sweet Billionaire Romances

Charming Billionaires, small towns, big cities and the girl of their dreams is waiting

Enchanted Quill presents Billionaires; the first in our Sweet Romance collection which includes seven beautiful billionaire romances that are sure to give you many swoon-worthy moments.
Featuring irresistible men with big hearts, this limited edition set is sure to have you turning page after page. With happily ever afters galore you’ll fall in love with this stunning collection.

Scroll up and one click now to see if true love really can conquer all.

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Little Secrets Between Friends (Cœur sucré Book 1)

Ella has been in love with Tyler, her best friend, for as long as she can remember. He knows nothing of her feelings, and she’s determined to keep them secret at all costs.
Things change however when one evening, in a moment of weakness, she expresses all her frustrations on a blog. When she realizes the magnitude of the chaos she’s created, it’s already too late; the blog has been shared on most social networks.
As the cherry on the cake, Tyler finds out about the blog, and he’s critical of the content and its author to say the least. But Ella’s troubles have only just begun. Not only is she unable to defend herself, but Tyler sets out to discover the identity of the blog’s author, and he’s not the only one. Going from one surprise to the next, Ella realizes she may not be the only one hiding secrets.

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Blissful Valentine

Straight-laced 19-year-old Brooke Powers has two goals: First, avoid the party scene and all the drama and disaster that go along with it. Second, focus on attaining her Marketing and Business degrees. When her roommate begs her to attend a fraternity party she reluctantly obliges, but gets more than she bargained for when she meets enticingly charismatic fraternity brother, Dean Parker. After a mishap causes her to wake up in the worst possible place she can imagine, she vows to stay away from anything or anyone fraternity related. Staying away from Dean is a daily battle, one she’s slowly losing. When her feelings conjure up old demons from the past, her strategically planned future turns into chaos. Brooke is desperate to keep herself on track. Will Dean be her downfall or is he exactly what she needs?

Valentine’s Day isn’t always complete bliss.

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