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Amelia Cornwall, an absentminded music instructor, has been dismissed without notice from her position at the orphanage, because they’ve completely run out of funds. If it wasn’t for a happenstance peek at a newspaper clipping, advertising the services of the Boomtown Mail Order Brides Company, she might very well have spent her next night on the street.Cattle rancher Nathan Jagger has recently taken custody of a rambunctious niece and nephew in desperate need of a woman’s nurturing and guidance. When a fellow cowpoke recommends sending off for a mail-order bride, he sees an opportunity to skip the troublesome interview process and provide them with a nanny, mother, and everything else all at once, leaving him free to return to his roping and ranching.

It’s a tidy little marriage contract that’ll provide the perfect solution to both Amelia and Nathan’s problems — or at least that’s the plan. But everyone knows what they say about best-laid plans!

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Nothing interests Sarah Purcell more than the volcanoes she studies until she meets Dr. Cullen Gray. Maybe that’s why she marries him two days later. Illogical, yes, but nothing has ever felt so right. As the honeymoon period ends and real life sets in, everything falls apart. A year after their separation, when Sarah is injured, she’s shocked when Cullen shows up to help.

Even though Cullen’s still hurting from their breakup, Sarah has no one else. He brings her to his home in Hood Hamlet to heal. Once she recovers, she can return to her beloved work and he can move on with his life—without her. But soon, sparks fly anew, long-buried emotions resurface, and much needed conversations happen.

Is Sarah and Cullen’s marriage truly over? Or will they get a second chance at romance and a happily ever after?

Previously published as Winning Back His Wife.

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Years apart can open eyes to new possibilities.
Hannah’s life is in shambles when she returns to her small home town for Christmas. With her mom being ill, she keeps her failing life a secret while looking for opportunities to save her career. Her brother’s goofy best friend gives her the perfect opportunity. Except Noah is no longer goofy, and he’s going through his own struggles trying to save his family’s Christmas tree farm.

Will this business opportunity turn the small town rumors of hidden attraction into a real possibility of love?

This clean and wholesome romance is book three of the More Than Friends Sweet Romance Series. Each book is a standalone story with happily-ever-after epilogues sure to make you say Awww!

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